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SpaMedica Contact Details

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SpaMedica Contact Details


Urgent: 24hr/365 days per year helpline for patients & optometrists 0330 058 4280. On call clinical team available 24/7

Non urgent: email any of the below:-

Dan Lewis – Service Promotions Executive, based locally and available for store/practice visits, hospital tours, local CPD event information and any patient/optometrist queries please contact Dan on 07955 440 955 or email

James Gallagher – Regional Promotions Manager for South West – 07908 202 430 or email

Contact Centre – 0330 058 4280 available 8am to 6pm – Referral Team, Booking Team, Transport Team & Post-op Team

SpaMedica run Patient Transport available outside of 10mile radius of SpaMedica hospital free of charge to any patient that requires it.

As an independent provider, SpaMedica is available on the all referral platforms including DRSS.

SpaMedica also partners with PEC Devon offering community post-op services via their scheme.

SpaMedica Information Leaflet